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Rameca is a technology company founded in 2010 that specialises in software development and digital service management. With offices located across Bulgaria, our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to delivering innovative and cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

In addition to our technological expertise, we are also proud to have Marg as part of our portfolio. Marg is a prestigious design studio that has been a leading presence in Europe's design industry since 1984. Our partnership with Marg enables us to offer our clients top-of-the-line brand identity services, graphic design, and marketing support, delivered by some of the most talented professionals in the field.

With our combined resources and expertise, Rameca and Marg are committed to delivering innovative and effective solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients, irrespective of their industry or location.

Awesome Design
Graphic Design

Branding & Identity Design, UI/UX Design, Packaging Design, Motion Graphics, Environmental Design

Extreme Security
Software Development

Web Development, Mobile Development, Desktop Development, Database Development

Highly Customizable
Digital Management

Digital Marketing, E-commerce Management, SEO, Social Media Management, Web Management


As a software development company, we are committed to exploring the limits of what technology can achieve. Our team of expert developers is passionate about developing innovative solutions that not only tackle real-world challenges but also enhance the quality of life for our clients.

We invite you to explore a curated collection of our notable projects that showcase our ability to deliver large-scale solutions.

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